Environmental Responsibility

TG Minto is ISO 14001 :2004 Certified. ISO 14001 :2004 is an international standard of operation that upon certification requires TG Minto to comply with its environmental protection standard. 

TG Minto Corporation Environmental Policy

TG Minto Corporation, located in Palmerston, Ontario is a supplier of plastic interior, exterior and painted parts to the automotive market and is committed to: 

Continually improving the Environmental Management System
Prevention of Pollution
Regulatory Compliance and all other applicable legal requirements

TG Minto's Management Team sets and reviews environmental objectives and targets appropriate to the nature, scale and  environmental aspects, activities, products and services on an annual basis.


TG Minto recycles approximately 40 000 kilograms of plastic per month. This accounts for 96 - 98 % of all plastic scrap generated by TG Minto Corporation.

Air Emissions

TG Minto has been approved by the Ministry of the Environment for a Certificate of Approval for Air Emissions.

Hazardous Waste

All hazardous waste generated at the TG Minto facility is managed and hazards controlled with the continual aim of protecting
human health and the environment at all times. 

TRA Plan

TG Minto TRA Plan Summary
Annual Report


All water used in the paint process is part of a closed system with no chance of release to waterways or the natural environment.