History & Milestones

Toyoda Gosei began operations in Nagoya, Japan in 1949 conducting rubber research operations. In 1986, Toyoda Gosei began North American operations which now consist of twelve sales, technical, and manufacturing operations.

Over the last 55 years of continuous operations, Toyoda Gosei has fostered a heritage of innovation in manufacturing, material development, and product quality and design. 

TG Minto

TG Minto was born in the culture of the Toyota Production System and believe continuous improvement is fundamental to our continued success. At Toyoda Gosei, the future is bright. We continue to develop a strong global network that allows us to focus on the needs of our customers while enhancing the benefits to our stakeholders, the communities in which they live.

TG Minto Milestones

  • 2000 - TG Minto Is Built
  • 2002 - Building Expansion
  • 2006 - Building Expansion
  • 2009 - Building Expansion
  • 2014 - Building Expansion
  • 2017 - New Cafeteria

TG Minto, Stratford Plant

  • 2013 - Stratford Plant Established
  • 2014 - Building Expansion