Electrician Paint


Job Type
Full Time


- Responsible for electrical inspection documentation on exisitng and new equipment

- Coordinate installation, repair and inspection of electrical equipment

- Maintain a documented weekly summary of completed work

- Ensure all electrical drawings are complete and up-to-date

- Communicate with maintenance tema and the department manager on all critical electrical changes and updates

- Provide technial advice and assistance to field personnel, contractors, etc.

- Assist in developing procedures and standard maintenance practices

- Train personnel in performance of job tasks

- Knowledge of applicable electrical codes, standards and regulations

- Electrical troubleshooting of existing machinery

- Report any unsafe activities within the company to the maintenance manager

- Maintain job costing for electrical projects, which should include components and personnel

- Submit daily electrical summary to maintenance manager




- Have relevant electrical qualifications (minimum trade or associate diploma)

- Some computer knowledge is required

- Ability to communicate wiht skilled trades at all levels of experience and management

How To Apply

Apply to opportunities@toyodagosei.com

Please include reference number in application.

Reference #: 07.20.500.1