Paint Process Specialist


Job Type
Full Time


-Troubleshooting defects and implementing countermeasures by determining root cause problems and taking steps to prevent re-occurrence

- Scrap reduction- limit defects to meet our established targets

- Cycle reduction- on all paint booths to create efficiencies for operators and team members

- The creation of work instructions for paint booths and some assembly

- Documentation of all paint booths and the training of supervisors and setup technicians on them

- Perform trials for new products launches, equipment, tools, etc.

- Maintain consistent quality by stabilizing processes and functions

- Reduce down time by implementing preventative maintenance measures

- Scheduling trials for upcoming product launches and shipping trial parts

- Monthly scrap/defect ratio reporting

- Investigate "WHY?" in all aspects of the process and find solutions to ensure it doesn't happen again.



How To Apply

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Include reference number in application.

Reference #: 10.19.468.1